domingo, 8 de junio de 2008

take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart

Sometimes I hate those phrases like... : "it is a good thing to be (generous, humble, etc) but it is good to have limits on that.." yes, and maybe that is because I would like life to be squared, exact, mathematics-like, predictable... like me...

If my wish was true everything would be simpler, prudence would stop existing and reflection would lose much of its sense, life would like mathematics, everything would be quantity and not quality...

How to decide then, and to know the right way to act?

in Humility (to not to continue talking in abstract):

I believe that humility is very related to justice: " to give every one what is right" , but in addition justice also only can be surpassed by mercy. For example our Lord Jesus, when giving his life for us, He accepted an injustice act voluntarily, with a humble attitude " he humiliated himself until death" … he did it by mercy, compassion, love… because he knew that his self-sacrifice would bring to the human family a much greater good, He loved us without stopping loving the Father (there is some people who say to act by love but stopping loving God, I would say that is a disordered love, because the love to God is first).

but there are some "loves" that kill and humilities also, sometimes instead of to making good, our "humble" attitude (it would be advisable to call it coward) results in evils and sins, mainly of omission: when shutting up our opinion or a pertinent correction, we become accomplices of an error, sin etc. Sometimes we can fall in thinking: " I will not speak for not to try to impose my opinion, and to be thus humble" …. it is an error, if our opinion brings a greater good, we must fight for it, above all if the decision is in our hands, otherwise to do it before whom it is. There, we would show humility in the action, that is to expose our opinion being clear, firm but respectful (there are some that calls to this Assertiveness)…

ohhh how it hurts to be humble... (Martín Valverde)

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