jueves, 12 de junio de 2008

I WILL serve

commentary in: http://www.voy.com/178649/180.html

"His victory does not avoid our fight against the devil, but it gives us force to overcome him if we have faith"

" In a war it is essential to know the enemy opposing forces and to know how to overcome them".

Those were the two phrases that catched my attention and liked.

Those who look for the occultism want to obtain the things by the easy way , without fighting, without loving or having passion for the things they want and that God could grant if they strive ( anyway is He who has the last word, without caring on the experience of the wizard)…

They do not realize that neither the power nor the wealth or any other thing will bring satisfaction when they obtain them in that way (nor in this life far from it in the other), because as Saint Francisco would say: the true joy is in being able to govern ourselves, and in this case the things that cost more are those that are enjoyed more and those that is valued more… and God knows it and for that reason He blesses the fruit of work when it is requested to him of heart.

As the Bible says (not very textually), it is double the stupidity of my people: leaves me when I am a God of power an truth, and seeks those garbage gods that are nothing.

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