sábado, 28 de julio de 2007

For everyday

To do right things is often like a good digestion: you feel nothing. That’s why I believe that, something important to be better (and this includes better children and servants of God) is the need to have a way to recognize the good thing reached every day.

There are some who do it meditating at the end of the days, and recognizing what they have done well. In my case jaja I do it like a game: to avoid to watch what I should not: 5 points, to wake up when I have laziness 10 points, to say something pertinent in public 20 or more points, to decide go to confession when I have great necessity and great laziness : 100 points.

It’s amazing, I have realized how we are surrounded by occasions to make good things and to not to do bad things, for example: only today I obtained 283 points jajaja, it’s obvious that today I confessed with monsignor Pitito and the truth I did not have anything of wish to do it (however I had great necessity) 100 points.

I do not know how I dare to reveal my crazy things.

In honour of the Christ. Amen

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