domingo, 22 de julio de 2007

crux sacra sit mihi lux

Its a new time, today I lived a small piece of what vacations will be once I finish the last homework I have.

It was amazing to come from Eucharist and to know I had 2 hours more for pray, yes excellent, just need some adjustments and this will be ready. Lord will be with me now, more than before, July has not been a good month for pray, July has been a difficult month, but vacations will be great, the only I want is to be able to extend this more, to make pray life possible everyday and not only on vacations, not an easy task in my life but…, I am working on it, this is the most important part of life.... pray, sacramental life, mercy actions, penitence, Mary protection, these will be my tasks for vacations.

This is taking the sword again…

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