miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2008

I think I know where those ants came from!

yesterday I was watering my house´s backyard and I found something interesting. when I threw some water on that old trunk (which is older than me, I dont even remember when it came, I have pictures where I am a baby and the trunk is already there!) the ants, whose home was in the truk, began climbing the nearest tree (the nancites´one), all of them went to the tree immediately!.

the ants, which are big, strong and extrange lived in our warehouse, we discovered them some years ago, when my father was looking for I dont know what in the warehouse, the ants of course bit us and it was a very painful experience! then, when we took the box where they lived, it appears they went to the trunk.

I am amazed with the ants´reaction, it looks like if they had an "emergency plan"... its amazing.

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