sábado, 19 de junio de 2010

let´s raise shields and swords (Lord´s)

New responsibilities in the Lord´s mission appear to be coming upon me. As it happened before, I dont feel prepared and I am not. But as it happened before, I want to have my eyes fixed on Jesus and let him do the thing. I just want to be ready to work, fight, endure and do my atmost as if the issue of the whole strugle depended on me alone... and to have the faith to believe, knowing that the whole sturgle depends only in Him.

My faith is growing, and it is doing so together with other new skills I think the Lord is providing to me.. I want them all to be only for his glory, by the way, I am sure He is going to glorify himself in this stage.

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Monja de Clausura Orden de Predicadores dijo...

Renesto, paso para saludarte, no te puedo comentar porque no se inglés.
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