sábado, 19 de enero de 2008

new year comes with some changes

New year comes with totally new activities, interesting changes, and of course, learning, and sometimes learning includes some pain... however I am very happy with new things that are coming...

I am in already in Nicaragua, yesterday I have been in Managua´s Alcaldia for the continuation of my old business close (has been a large process), then I have to go to DGI for the most difficult part.

I have also been in UNI (yesterday), my university, and I had a conversation with Architect Uriel Cardoza for some advices on the start of my thesis, I talked him about the topic I want: The Design of an Architecture School... He was excited about it and I hope, Architect Pablo Medrano, which I am planning to be my tutor, love it too.

I went to "Preselección Empresarial", a jobs agency and started the process for getting inside their database.

At the end of the day I went to Ciudad de Dios´s worship assembly, I was invited to a birthday for today.

For the Blog, I am writing a very mmm... let´s say interesting article, which is about some tips on initiation in Christian Community Life, based on my own experience and others. There will be about four chapters, starting with my own story and then with general tips. I am trying to be enough open, so that this may be useful for people which call from the Lord may be different from mine. I do really love all kind of christian catholic communities and hate every kind of attacks that we are sometimes tempted to throw each other. Probably the articles will be in spanish, but I will try to translate them into english and french.

Some plans for 2008:

1. Spiritual growth.
2. Thesis.
3. Learning how to drive.
4. Girlfriend.

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