viernes, 11 de mayo de 2007

ways to community

Community is a real need when you are trying to be a real Christian. None is able to do it alone, thats why Christ has formed a group, and that gruop was the begining of his church.

All of us must have this in mind and look for that group...

I know some of them, but there is a great list:

For laics:

1. Neocatechumenal way (I have a sister there)

2. Charismatics

3. Cursillo (have some friends there)

4. Opus Dei

5. Sword of the Spirit (I am here!)

6. more and more....

If you have a special vocation:

1. Franciscans

2. Jesuits (I studied with them)

3. Salesians

4. Dominics

5. more and more....

I like all of them jajaja, dont know why. However I am very happy where I am.

God Bless

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